The Wednesday night that KYLIE MINOGUE pushed me over the edge!

Needless to say, when I saw a tweet, on Wednesday 19th Feb 2014 at around 6.30pm, that was a picture of Kylie Minogue attending the Brit awards that evening in one of my dresses, I almost passed out... The response and coverage that ensued immediately was absolutely exhilarating and once again Kylie looked FABULOUS in William Wilde, for the third time in one week! I COULD NOT have been happier, I love Kylie! And at the Brit Awards this felt like a particularly proud moment, doesn't she look smashing!!:
I was also delighted the following morning to find that this Wilde outing had been well documented!
As if this could get any better(?!), the icing on the Kylie cake was this clip of Ms Minogue actually saying my name!
When I'm old and mad, you will find me in a brightly lit room wearing a turban and watching this clip on a loop...
Thanks KYLIE!! XX
You can get the look here: