The Weekend That KYLIE MINOGUE Made My Life Great!

This weekend, I was beyond delighted on Friday night to see the legendary Kylie Minogue take to the stage in Paris to perform her new single 'Kiss Me Once' wearing my Latex Garcon Pencil Dress!! To my extreme joy I found other videos and pictures quite easily and below are a selection of some of my favourites. At the risk of sounding too gushy, Kylie is an all-time idol of mine and I think she looked absolutely SPECTACULAR!! 
This dress is from the Go Wilde collection.
You can get the look here:
On Sunday morning, again I was absolutely thrilled with the news that Kylie was wearing my Latex Cherry Cocktail Dress on the front cover of the Sunday Times Style Magazine! This was truly a life high-point, made only better by how beautifully she wore it!! I love you Kylie Minogue, and thanks for making my weekend ACE!!!
This dress is from the Through With Love collection.
You can get the look here: