#WildeWomen The Icons That Inspire William Wilde

March is arguably one of the best months of the year. After a long and dark winter in lockdown, March brings with it the promise of crisp air, brighter days and fresh fashion on the runways (even if we do have to watch the shows online this year).

 But the best part of March has to be that it Is by far, the most empowering month of the year since Women’s Day gives us the chance to celebrate all the strong women we are lucky to be surrounded by. The women that nurture and care for those around them, the ones that boldly go where many others haven’t dared to go before, the ones who uplift and inspire us every single day. We could go on, but instead, we thought we’d celebrate Women’s Day by honouring a selection of the icons that have inspired William Wilde and some of their groundbreaking moments in fashion through the years.

 MADONNA: Dare we say one of the biggest influences in fashion of all time? Not only did she play with the notions of femininity by juxtaposing pearls with punky neon, edgy leather and risqué fishnets, but she played a pivotal role in bringing about the underwear as outerwear trend, which is still worn and loved today. Her legendary fashion moments began with the lace wedding dress and the infamous ‘Boy Toy’ belt back in her Like A Virgin video in the 80s, and still continue to this day with clashing prints, chunky silver jewellery and statement sunglasses, as seen on her Instagram. Madonna has shocked and innovated with so many inspirational style moments over the years, and we’re big fans of every single one!

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NAOMI CAMPBELL: Naomi Campbell is one of the very first, most well known and most successful black fashion models and style icons of all time. She paved the way for women of colour in the fashion industry as she defeated people’s prejudices one magazine cover and fashion week at a time. Her style on and off the catwalk has secured her position as our favourite and most influential Supermodel. 

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 BRITNEY SPEARS: The Pop Princess’ style really came into its own in the late 90s and early 2000s with cargo pants, low waist jeans, crop tops and pointed-toe heels. People still dress up in some of her most iconic looks from her music videos for fancy dress and drag, the most popular costumes being the Flight Attendant from the ‘Toxic’ video; the School Girl from the ‘Baby One More Time’ video: and who could forget the Red Latex Jumpsuit from ‘Oops I Did It Again’!

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CLEOPATRA: When it came to Queen Cleopatra, opulence was the name of the game. Her reincarnations on the big screen have been most celebrated for wearing gold jewellery, clothing and accessories, exaggerated eye makeup and over-the-top headpieces that stood out against her signature dark hair. In her time she was actually a shrewd and powerful leader, a strong woman and still an inspiration to us today.

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 NOMI MALONE: Will we ever cease to be inspired by the glitz and glam of Showgirls? Nomi Malone’s looks featured metallic shirts and outerwear, glitter hair, feather boas, leggings, bodysuits and leather jackets. A headstrong young female who dances her way to the top, in gold slingbacks, how could we not be in love!

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MARILYN MONROE: The original Glamour Girl who gave classic, timeless Hollywood glamour its moment in the sun with her iconic red lips, blond curls and killer smile, accessorised with none other than a splattering of diamonds for good measure. Women all over the world still refer to the combination of a billowy skirt and a windy day as having a Marilyn Moment, referencing, of course, her iconic white dress + steam grate moment in 1954. But most noteworthy of her contributions to fashion were how she chose to embrace her curves, femininity and sensuality and dress for her own desires, making her a true style revolutionary of her time.

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MARY POPPINS: If there’s anything we learned from Mary Poppins, it was to appreciate a good, larger-than-life, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink handbag. Other lessons in style from everyone’s favourite governess included that bow ties aren’t just for men, and that women are very much invited to that party. That umbrella’s make a chic style statement and that you can wear a full-circle skirt and still be a badass.

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 ELIZABETH TAYLOR: If there was ever a muse who defined glamour, and kept it fresh by experimenting with new styles constantly, it was Liz Taylor. Her style evolved from A-line skirts and dresses in the 1950s to Mini dresses in the 1960s and hot pants and crochet in the 1970s. Most of her outfits had interesting necklines, usually deep Vs, sweetheart or square, which she accessorised with statement necklaces and earrings. One of our favourite Icons, flawless and mesmerising!

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VIVIENNE WESTWOOD: Vivienne Westwood’s signature rebel aesthetic and her contributions to the punk and neo-romantic fashion movements are unparalleled. Her career in fashion spans over five decades and her signature styles include draping, tartan, distressed and ripped denim and t-shirts, graffiti and bold slogans. Her most iconic styles include the infamous God Save The Queen jumpers and the Mini-Crini from 1985. An early pioneer of latex clothing in fashion, we remain endlessly entranced by VW’s inspirational take on fashion and style.

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 TURA SATANA: Tura Satana was what some might call, the Ultimate Badass. She was a Japanese-American Burlesque dancer-turned action movie heroine, where she played a boy-beating gang leader. She was known for her signature vampish style featuring low cut dresses and an all-black outfit made up of a low-cut black blouse with super tight trousers, brought together by a belt. Varla in ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ was her most memorable and iconic film role, and we are huge fans!

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CINDERELLA FROM ‘THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE’: If you loved the costumes in Bridgerton, this throwback film is a must-watch. We’re forever inspired by the beautiful Georgian gowns in all of their lacy, larger-than-life glory, without a single bow, ruffle or rose amiss. This film was a huge inspiration to William growing up, and the Cinderella style is still key to his aesthetic to this day.

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 WHITNEY HOUSTON: Whitney was partial to a trophy jacket. The legendary singer had a wide collection of statement blazers, often oversized or with padded shoulders, that she wore out and about and to perform on stage. She also loved fitted sequinned dresses, suits and fringe detailing, really bringing her 80s diva vibe into the limelight.

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 JENNIFER SAUNDERS AKA EDINA: Jennifer Saunders as Edina was ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ for a reason. We can’t get enough of her signature maximalist aesthetic with animal prints, outlandish jewellery, faux fur, bursts of colour and hats, most of which were usually worn together in one outfit because “It’s fashion, sweetie. Fashion”. One of the most hilarious and brilliant characters in TV history, we will never forget her fabulous style and unforgettable spirit!

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MARIE ANTOINETTE: The French Queen elevated fashion and clothes from a trade to an art form. She favoured gowns with intricate detailing in feminine, pastel colours, which she then accessorised with elaborate hairstyles or headgear. She was rarely ever seen without her favourite flower, the rose, which was then regarded as a symbol of opulence, femininity, love and sensuality. 18th Century Fashion is one of William’s favourite eras in style, and has inspired many looks in his collections over the years.

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JUDY GARLAND: The Hollywood heavyweight was known for her love of sharp tailoring and statement sleeves. One of her most iconic moments in style include the blue gingham dress worn in The Wizard Of Oz, inspirations of which can be seen in some of William’s fabric dresses in a previous collection, Dairy Queen.

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 DOLLY PARTON: The Nine To Five singer is known for her signature feminised take on Country-Western style and her ever-famous words “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!”, Her favoured rodeo prints, wide-brim hats and fringe detailing have inspired the likes of Isabel Marant and Alexander McQueen. Gucci even featured a jacket with the singer’s face emblazoned on the back. We are huge fans of country style and bold feminine curves, so who else could we choose to celebrate the marriage so Iconically! 

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 LADY GAGA: One of the most noteworthy fashion icons of the era, Lady Gaga made waves and got people talking with her over-the-top, avant-garde style. From a dress made entirely of meat one day to wearing a tree over her head the next, this star never shied away from a fashion risk. These days, Gaga is still pulling out all the stops with her looks, whether she’s in top-to-toe dogtooth or a new face mask for every moment of the 2020 VMAs.

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 BETTIE PAGE: The Ultimate 1950s Pin-Up Girl, Bettie Page was all about sexier styles. Think fitted pencil skirts, stockings, basques and bras with interesting detailing. She also often accessorised with short gloves, mittens, headbands and pillar box hats. It is easy to see how the siren’s signature style has continued to influence William’s collections even today.

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