The Internet Has Spoken: Barbiecore Is Having A Moment

The hottest trend on everyone’s lips this year is inspired by none other than every girl’s childhood BFF, Barbie herself!
Barbie, originally created as Barbara Millicent Roberts in the Spring of 1959, has always been a style icon with glamorous outfits and accessories for her wide variety of hobbies, jobs and travels round the globe in her hot pink jet.
While she never failed to experiment with her style and left no colour, pattern, texture or trend unturned, her personal style statement was deeply embedded within her favourite colour – pink!
Pink soon become the doll’s calling card and almost had a Midas-like effect to everything she touched, from houses to sports cars and everything in between.
With the Barbie Movie set to premier in 2023 starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, Hollywood is buzzing with anticipation to see their favourite childhood doll grace the silver screen in all her stylish glory. Which is why, all of our favourite stars from Anne Hathaway to Gigi Hadid, Florence Pugh and Dua Lipa have been jumping on the Barbiecore trend and serving us their own renditions of Barbie-chic.
For 2022’s iteration of the trend, get the look by boldly going where most women wouldn’t dare and opting for a head-to-toe pink look – outfit, accessories, the whole nine yards. This is a trend where style points are awarded for maximalism, so more is most definitely more.    
While Barbie herself believes that ‘life in plastic is fantastic’, we happen to be partial to rubber and think the Barbiecore trend lends itself beautifully to latex. At William Wilde, we stock two beautiful shades of pink to suit your Barbiecore needs – Baby Pink and Hot Pink. Pick one or the other if you’re feeling mild or wild, or mix and match for maximum impact.
Team latex with your favourite fabric pieces or, alternatively, leave your Baby Pink latex pieces matte and polish your Hot Pink latex to create a multi-textured look with a little extra interest and dimension. Barbie would be proud!
Can’t find the piece you love in Baby Pink or Hot Pink on our website? Simply drop our friendly customer service team an email and we’d be happy to see if check if we can make your Barbie dreams come true!